Three-tiered Pricing Structure:
I see the (still) ongoing global economic situation as a potentially very positive chance and opportunity to rethink our worldwide but also personal relationships to finances and money.
I have come to the conclusion therefore that I would like to ‘open up’ my pricing structure, so that my patients can take a participative role.

Since 2009, I have introduced a 3-tiered pricing structure, divided according to means:

  • patients on benefits or low incomes
  • medium earners
  • patients on high incomes

Patients are encouraged to assess for themselves which price band is applicable to
My intention is that my treatments be accessible to those patients receiving benefits or
for whatever reason being unable to afford my standard rates. In order to achieve this,
I have introduced the upper tier of higher payments, so that there is a balance overall.
I fully trust that this self-assessment will be done in the best and most generous spirit
towards other ‘fellow-patients’. The self-assessment will be treated by me with
respect, and not questioned.

In the interest of transparency my fees cover the actual consultation time, and the time I spend on session preparation, emailing, ordering, giving advice over the phone etc., an average of 1.5 hours per patient.

My kindest wishes, Corinna Mainberger

Initial session is 1.5 hours, or 2 hours if considered necessary

30 minutes consultation:
£40/ £50/ £65

1 hour Naturopathy/ Nutritional Therapy consultation:
£70/ £80/ £95

1.5 hours Naturopathy/ Nutritional Therapy consultation:
£95/ £105/ £120

2 hours Naturopathy/ Nutritional Therapy consultation:
£120/ £130/ £145

2.5 hours Naturopathy/ Nutritional Therapy consultation:
£145/ £155/ £170


Please note: if follow-up consultation via email email or phone takes longer than 15 minutes in any one occasion, then I will charge £10 for every 15 minutes involved, at my discretion.
If you need to cancel the appointment, please be aware that you will need to give at least 24 hours advance notice,
otherwise you will be charged for 50% of the appointment fee.
The costs for Qest4 system remedies are £22 for 30ml, and £25 for 50ml. The costs for Infoceuticals are £22 each + postage £3.90. Supplements, Nutritional or Herbal, are not included in the appointment fees, whereas one-off prescriptions for Homoeopathic remedies are included.