I am a practicing Nutritionist and Naturopath in Stroud, Gloucestershire.

Since the age of 14 I was always interested in art, literature, health, diet and nutrition in its widest understanding, healthy ways of living and Natural medicine.

I see myself as a mature practitioner, with 20+ years of professional experience. A practitioner, who is truly interested in the whole ‘You’, the person with all of their physical and emotional challenges as well as their very individual, maybe spiritual or religious path they chose to walk.

Therefore Nutritional therapy only felt too restrictive to me, I needed a broader perspective on health and well being: Naturopathy, aided by Intuitive Healing.

Any form of true healing needs to address the person’s self-beliefs, sometimes their body image, their ways of being creative and artistic, their impact on the world, their forgotten and buried dreams and ideas, general satisfaction with life, career and relationships, ideas about financial safety and much more needs to be taken into consideration to enable change and healing.

Naturopathy means following the path of nature. Aiming for a balance and harmony of life and death forces, which are working creatively within us all the time, whether we are diagnosed as ill or considered well. Naturopathy is concerned not only with physical causes but the underlying concepts at the root which finally lead to pathologies.

Part of my treatment will be to explore these deeper issues. I am personally not interested in supplying sophisticated ‘plasters’ in form of remedies or supplements without looking into the ‘bigger picture’. My goal is to help deepening the understanding, why one has fallen ill and how to come back to health having become a fuller and more integrated person, who is more in harmony with oneself, the other and the world in general.