Things people say

Just thought I would give you some feed-back on all the treatments, medicines and healing’s you have given me to date. When I came to you I was more dead than alive, and would just have loved to have dropped dead right then. I was hoping that you had a secret stash of poison to help me on my way! But instead, you gave me directions to get some AD Intensive, a months supply of brown/orange capsules. To this I added some “vit. B” complex, then to that you added some little white pills, which I am still taking, last thing at night…. once a week, and on top of this I received some healing from your loving hands, and also some alcohol in a pipette bottle (seven drops to be taken first and last thing each day, with something in it from N.Z. if I remember correctly.

What’s the result?  I now have a huge amount of energy, and am enthusiastic about life, trying to get things done on schedule, and feeling a lot more cheerful and positive than I have felt in a long time. I don’t know if this has anything to do with the moon, but I think not, because the moon was there before, so it must all be due to your treatments, insights, loving and caring nature, capabilities, knowledge, intuitions and so on.

July 2014